Creative Direction

Every brand hits a slump, and every team has its challenges. Why not breath new life into your brand with new creative direction? Wes has real-world experience leading, building, and educating organizations on the latest trends in the marketplace. With excellent client relations, Wes can take your brand across all social platforms and media with ease. 


Whether you're pitching a global or regional brand, Wes can help you win your new client. Agencies across the U.S. call on Wes to create unique, pitch materials (concept art, style frames, animation or video) with little to no direction. No hand-holding here! Why not blow away your prospective client with Wes' "out of the box" strategies, concepts and designs.


Need a way to cut through all the noise in today's social landscape? Animation is a great way to stand out amongst your competitors. Animation goes a long way in attracting millennials in today's market. Wes has extensive experience in both 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation on various platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Imgur, Twitch and Snapchat.

Motion Graphics

If animation is kings, motion graphics is its queen. You cannot have a successful media campaign without amazing motion graphics.  Entertaining, eye-catching motion graphics will extend your users view time exponentially

Illustration, Storyboards & Concept Art


No need for Shutterstock. One-of-a-kind illustration will make your next print ad, infographic or poster design stand out amongst the crowd. 

Storyboards & Concept art

Communication is critical when developing unique ideas for your clients. Storyboards and concept art are the only way to make sure your client understands your pitch. Storyboards are also a great way to nail down direction and help predict the budget before a video shoot.

Video Directing, Editing & Color Correction

Wes has the experience to direct your next shoot with your global brand.  Wes is well versed in leading actors, communicating with crew, pre-production, production, and post-production. Heck, he will get the coffee too!


Wes has worked with 8k, 6k, 4k, 2k, 1080p from Red Epic, Alexa, Black Magic, and DSLR footage.  There isn't a footage format type he hasn't seen. 

Color Correction

Make your next video project stand out with the perfect color correction or grade. When working with raw footage you need an expert to bring it to life.